5 Reasons Why Cats Love Cardboard

5 Reasons Why Cats Love Cardboard


Who has spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars, buying our feline babies new toys, beds and other goodies we think they’d love? We get it in the mail and think “this one’s the one–they’ve got to love this one!”, we open it up and pull out the new item and… your cat goes into the cardboard box it was delivered in? Or they scratch up and bite up the cardboard? And to make it even better, they completely ignore the new item?! We get it. 

We hear of this kind of behaviour quite frequently, and some may wonder why are cats like this? Why do cats love cardboard? Let’s discuss! 



Grey and white cat lying down in cardboard box

1. Safe & Secure

Cardboard boxes provide a safe and secure hiding place for your cat, which helps them feel protected and reduces their stress levels. Purina also adds to this point; in a cardboard box they are protected by walls all around, with only one entrance. This means that they won’t be surprised by any “intruders”!



2. Natural Hunters

Your cat by nature are hunters, and their playtime includes stalking, pouncing and biting on objects. Cardboard boxes provide an ideal target to practise this behaviour, as cats can jump on top of them or hide inside them, waiting to "ambush" their prey. If your cat likes to chew on cardboard, it could also be because of their hunter instincts!



3. Warm Sleeping Caves

Cardboard boxes provide a cosy and warm environment for cats, which helps them regulate their body temperature. According to the Sleep Foundation, the majority of cats sleep between 12-16 hours a day. They need a lot of rest from hunting, exploring, cuddling and pushing fragile objects off tables–so a safe and insulating bed is perfect! 



4. Curious Cats

Your clever cat is naturally curious and enjoys exploring their environment, particularly something as exciting as a cardboard box! The boxes provide a new and interesting object for cats to investigate and play with. Furthermore, cardboard boxes are even more favourable because they tend to not have strong scents. This gives something for your cat to mark with their scent as they are more comfortable in environments that smell like them.



5. Satisfying 

Cats sinking their claws and teeth into corrugated cardboard may provide a satisfying sound and feel. Both are natural behaviour for cats but adult cats chewing cardboard may be a sign to get a dental check as it could be a sign of gum disease. But generally, I like to compare it to how some of us like to pop bubble wrap or when we mindlessly tear paper or napkins. It’s basically the same, right? 


Orange cat in CatPak box on green background

Imagine one object, a simple cardboard box, that has all of these benefits and functions. It’s a safe toy or house for cats, and that’s also where we come in. Check out our website and get your CatPak today and allow your cat a stimulating and fun environment to play, relax, and feel safe. We promise that your clever cat will love our CatPak Box!

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